Sidhika Balachandar

Sidhika Balachandar tested the effectiveness of soundproofing materials.sidhika-balachandar-tested-the-effectiveness-of-soundproofing-materials

Sidhika Balachandar, 13, designed a set of experiments to determine the best  material for soundproofing her mother’s home office. Balachandar put a speaker  in a cardboard box, wrapped in various materials and measured the volume outside  of the box with a sound meter.

She wanted to see if a decorative material could work as well as  professional-grade soundproofing material, so her mother’s office could be  soundproof, but still look nice. She found that soundproofing roof tile worked  best, but was closely followed by a double layer of tapestry.

Balachandar’s future career interest is the following: engineering.

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