Wind And Solar Powered Ecocapsule Allows Thrill-Seekers To Live Off The Grid

EcocapsuleRecreation Vehicles (RV’s) or mobile homes are an excellent way to travel around the world and experience life like a local. It is no wonder that they are getting increasingly popular not just with vacationers but also retirees and seasonal workers. The only drawbacks are that these gas-guzzling homes on wheels are not very environmentally friendly and also somewhat restrictive. That’s because they depend on the grid for water and electricity.

However, that may soon be a thing of the past, thanks to Ecocapsule, an egg-shaped mobile home that can sustain residents in many off-grid locations for almost a year. This means that adventurers can spend time anywhere their hearts desire – from the beach to the woods or mountains and even atop city buildings! The 14.6 feet long by 7.4 feet by 8.4 feet wide pod can comfortably fit up to two people. It is powered by a 9,744-watt rechargeable battery that stores the energy harnessed by a 750-watt retractable wind turbine and a 28-square foot array of efficient solar cells that are fitted on the pod’s roof.

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