The Battery Of The Future May Be Made Of Paper!

by Sarah Benton Feitlinger


Creating batteries that are smaller, cheaper, rechargeable and most importantly, environmentally friendly has been the holy grail for engineers across the globe for many years. Now some researchers at Sweden’s Linköping University may have finally succeeded in cracking the code with a battery made of paper!

Power Paper is the brainchild of scientists from Linköping University’s Laboratory of Organic Electronics. The researchers begin by blasting cellulose, the material that is used to make most paper and cardboard, with high-pressure water until each cellulose strand measures a mere 20 nanometers in diameter. The submerged strands are then exposed to a solution of electrically charged polymer which forms a thin coating around each nanofiber. The coated fibers and the liquid in between that works as an electrolyte, is then fashioned into a thin sheet, resulting in what the researchers call ‘Power Paper’.

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