Guess What? Computers Of The Future May Be Able To Detect Boredom!

by Shariqua Ahmed

computers boredom

The days of staring intently at the computer screen pretending to be interested in an assignment even though you are bored out of your mind may soon be coming to an end. That’s because if Dr. Harry Witchel, Discipline Leader in Physiology at England’s Brighton and Sussex Medical School has his way, computers of the future will be able to detect boredom and even react to it real-time.

But before you get concerned, the machine is not reading your mind. It is just keeping track of the constant involuntary movements that people exhibit when in front of a computer or even a television. These are not the bigger instrumental actions like moving a mouse or using the remote, but subtle barely noticeable movements like scratching, fidgeting, or stretching. Witchel says the level of movement is directly proportional to how absorbed the person is in what he/she is reading or watching — The higher the interest level, the lesser the movement!

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