Pizza Hut Unveils The World’s First Playable DJ Pizza Box

By Jeffrey Shao

Pizza Hut

The world’s two largest pizza chains, Domino’s and Pizza Hut, are constantly trying to come up with innovative gimmicks to retain existing customers and attract new ones. While Domino’s woos fans by embracing high-tech concepts like delivery robots, Pizza Hut focuses on making the humble delivery box more exciting. In 2015, they introduced a pizza box that could transform into a movie projector and now, one that turns into a fully functioning DJ!

The battery-powered DJ Pizza box, a collaboration between Pizza Hut and printed electronics specialist Novalia, looks like a normal delivery box from the outside. However, flip it open and you will find a complete turntable set-up with two decks, volume sliders, pitch controls, and even a crossfader.

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