Muggle Researchers Put The Science Of Harry Potter’s World To The Test

By Maitreyi Mantha


Listen up Potterheads! Muggle student scientists from U.K.’s University of Leicester have been researching some critical matters: do the spells and potions that Harry Potter and his fellow wizards use really need magic to work or do they have a scientific basis? The research papers, “Gillyweed – Drowning with Gills?” and “Revealing the Magic of Skele-Gro,” published in the Journal of Interdisciplinary Science Topics in May, investigated the magical plant and potion that helped the wizard in the popular book series.

Gillyweed, as you may recall, is the Mediterranean plant that played a key role in helping Harry win the Triwizard tournament in the The Goblet of Fire. Consuming the plant enabled the wizard to grow gills and breathe underwater. Given the magical universe of Harry Potter, it is futile to argue about the instant appearance of the gills and webbed feet and hands. Instead, the researchers decided to focus on whether the gills would have worked the way they were portrayed.

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