“STEM is My Cup of Tea” Tea Party

TEA CUP ILLUSTRATIONWant to support Amazing Girls Science’s work empowering girls in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM)?

Here’s a formula for all you need to create a fun opportunity to bring girls together for some Tea, Science and Fundraising!



  1. Print and send “STEM is My Cup of Tea” Tea Party invitations (PDF with two invitations to a page) to women and girls interested in supporting Amazing Girls Science’s mission to ignite girls’ interest and spark their enthusiasm in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) while building core life skills of self-confidence, self-esteem, curiosity, problem-solving and risk taking. Include a request in your invitation for them to bring a donation (no amount is too small) to support the work of Amazing Girls Science.
  2. Print Facts About Tea (PDF) and Amazing Girls Science Newsletter Sign Up (PDF).
  3. Print Flaming Tea Rocket Experiment (PDF) and gather your supplies (bagged tea, scissors, lighter or matches and ceramic plates); more tea for sipping and anything else you would like at your tea party. Remember to keep it simple and fun!
  4. Create a basket, box or some other creative container where party-goers can place their donations.
  5. At your tea party, over cups of hot tea (or iced tea) share about Amazing Girls Science and its mission; ask everyone to sign the Amazing Girls Science Newsletter Sign Up (PDF); share Facts About Tea (PDF); conduct the Flaming Tea Rocket Experiment (PDF); and thank everyone for supporting the important work of Amazing Girls Science!
  6. Collect and send your tea party donation along with the Amazing Girls Science Newsletter Sign Up (PDF) to Amazing Girls Science at Saturday Academy Inc., P.O. Box 702, Norwalk, CT 06854 (or make your donation online). Let us know more about your party and why STEM is Your Cup of Tea! Include a photo or two from your event and your party may be featured in an upcoming newsletter or social media post.