Our Programs

We believe girls can enjoy science, technology, engineering and math. So, we design all our science conferences, summer camps and robotics programs to be interesting and fun.

Reaching girls at an early age before they start making assumptions about what they are ‘good at’ is an important strategy. Otherwise, girls can become discouraged and science becomes “uncool” to them. That’s why our K-12 curricula have a special emphasis on elementary and middle school grades.

With Amazing Girls Science, girls get to try many different STEM experiences without judgment or grading. So, they can explore and discover what they are or are not good at.

Amazing Girls Science environments encourage creativity and curiosity. Our teachers radiate enthusiasm while they create learning experiences that inspire girls to think like scientists.

Amazing Girls Science Conference

The Annual Amazing Girls Science Conference provides 4th through 8th grade girls with an opportunity to get excited about science, engineering, technology and math! At this annual conference students participate in hands-on scientific workshops, interact with role models, listen to a variety of professionals speak about a typical day on their job. The conference is always inspirational, fun and engaging!

Technovation Entrepreneuriship

Technovation is a global program just for girls that teaches app development and entrepreneurship. High School girls work in teams of up to five girls, with a coach and a mentor, to build mobile apps that solve problems in their local community.

Robotics Program

Introduces younger girls to real-world engineering challenges by building LEGO-based robots to complete tasks on a thematic playing surface.

Technology Summer Camp

Introduces girls (8-12) to real-world engineering challenges during a week long summer program. Programs include It’s All About Robotics and Camp Invention.

Mother and Daughter Science Fest

The Mother-Daughter Science Fest is an awesome one day hands on event where 4th-8th girls can work with their mothers or mentors to solve engineering challenges , get mothers engaged, and equip them with the tools to keep the interest and conversation going at home.