Giggling Rats Provide Insights Into Why Humans Are Ticklish

By Shariqua Ahmed For many of us, the mere thought of wiggling fingers approaching our rib cage or moving towards our underarms is enough to elicit squeals of laughter and giggles. However, while we all know that tickling makes us … Continue reading

Dutch Scientists Declare “Martian” And “Lunar” Crops Safe For Earthlings

By Kim Bussing It may appear strange to hear that crops are making headlines. But this is no ordinary produce — these fruits and vegetables have been grown in simulated Martian and lunar soil! While that in itself makes them … Continue reading

SkinTrack Technology Transforms Your Arm Into A Smartwatch Touchpad

By Maitreyi Mantha Controlling and interacting with content on a smartphone or tablet is a relatively easy task given their large screens. However, the same is not true for smartwatches, which are proving to be more of a fashion statement … Continue reading