Giggling Rats Provide Insights Into Why Humans Are Ticklish

By Shariqua Ahmed For many of us, the mere thought of wiggling fingers approaching our rib cage or moving towards our underarms is enough to elicit squeals of laughter and giggles. However, while we all know that tickling makes us … Continue reading

Guess What? Computers Of The Future May Be Able To Detect Boredom!

by Shariqua Ahmed The days of staring intently at the computer screen pretending to be interested in an assignment even though you are bored out of your mind may soon be coming to an end. That’s because if Dr. Harry … Continue reading

Scientists Say Being ‘Hangry’ Is Normal And Perhaps Even Genetic

by Shariqua Ahmed Do you get impatient and lose your temper when you’ve gone without nourishment for a long time? Then you are suffering from ‘hanger’, a newly coined term that describes the inexplicable irritation some of us experience when … Continue reading